AVICOM LLC signed a memorandum of cooperation with Azerbaijan Technical University and IDTECH Academy.

A memorandum on mutual cooperation was signed between AVICOM LLC, Azerbaijan Technical University and IDTECH Academy.

The memorandum was signed by Vilayat Valiyev, rector of Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU), Rashad Nasirov, director of AVICOM LLC, and Samir Nuriyev, director of IDTECH Academy. The main goal of the established cooperation is to train young people, who are the future of our society, as real professionals by adding practical knowledge to theoretical knowledge.

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the statutes of the University and the Society, and the State Strategy for the development of education in the Republic of Azerbaijan, this memorandum of cooperation is aimed at expanding practical relations between science and industry, mastering the practical part of the professional education and training program of students, including learning new and modern professions, certification regulates mutual cooperation for the purpose of organization of programs, organization of joint programs and other similar issues, implementation of joint projects.

According to the signed cooperation memorandum

  • Students studying at bachelor’s and master’s levels in various specialties of the Faculty of Information and Telecommunication Technologies of the University and whose qualification criteria are suitable for the sphere served by AVICOM LLC or IDTECH Academy will be involved in internship programs (paid or unpaid);
  • Joint seminars and career days will be held for the development of relations between the university and subjects of AVICOM LLC or IDTECH Academy;
  • Theoretical and master classes will be organized;
  • Organization of joint new professions and certification programs will be held;
  • Various scholarship programs will be developed and held;
  • Joint cooperation plans will be prepared regarding the participation of graduates in the internship program and employment.

We are all very pleased with the cooperation we have established for the purpose of training competitive young personnel in Azerbaijan and bringing them to our country!

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